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The near death experience has recently gained popularity in the last few decades. A number of writers have presented on the subject, including some people from scientific backgrounds. My first NDE related book, Psychology and the Near Death Experience, Searching For God, is unique in that it approaches the topic from a new direction. Specifically, I discuss the topic from the view point of a psychologist. Although I write as a psychologist, the book is primarily a spiritual work. However, I include many psychological constructs to clarify psychological processes associated with the near death experience. I also sprinkle a number of scientific and philosophical references in similar fashion. My book may be most fitting for people open to both science and new spiritual possibilities.

I felt convicted to write about near death experiences after receiving a number of spiritually awakening experiences. Moreover, writing has certainly changed me in subtle and profound ways. Today, I stand in a new place. To every reader, I sincerely hope that my book and supporting website has served to advance your own spiritual journey.

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